Get a Good Night of Sleep with the Help of Our Central Point Dentist

The most common choice of treatment for snoring problems is oral appliance therapy.  Other options of treatment include altering sleeping patterns and the use of orthodontic appliances that open airways while a person is sleeping. Surgery can also be performed in attempt to correct the issue but is not always successful.
Snoring occurs when your soft or hard tissue palates vibrate due to narrow air passageways. Sound is produced as air passes through. Several factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, allergies, and sleep apnea contribute to snoring.
Those suffering from sleep apnea tend to snore louder than most and have a more severe case of unclear airways. Severe blockages result in several awakenings during sleeping hours. It is essential that sleep apnea be diagnosed by a professional as it puts those at a greater risk for other health conditions. Some of these health conditions include raised blood pressure, depression, stroke, and heart attack.