Oral Cancer Screenings

Routine examinations include screening for Oral Cancer. Scheduling regular dental appointments make it easier for your dentist to detect any signs of cancer as early as possible. The longer the cancer goes undetected the more difficult it becomes to reverse. 
Symptoms of Oral Cancer:
Bleeding sores
White or red spots/sores
Pain, sensitivity, or numbing sensation within the mouth or lips
Trouble talking and eating
Pain moving your tongue or jaw
Ultraviolet light is often used during screenings. This allows your dentist to see oral issues that cannot be seen otherwise. Oral tissue will also be examined by touch to detect anything out of the ordinary.
Preventing oral cancer goes beyond our office doors. Habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, and over exposure to the sun could contribute to this disease. The earlier your doctor can detect any signs of oral cancer the more successful treatment will be.