Lumineers are remarkably thin and incredibly durable. They can be used for up to 20 years without requiring any change. Their translucent nature ensures that they replicate the enamel appearance to great accuracy. It is a painless way to create a new whiter, reshaped and natural-looking smile. 


Lumineers Application Process
Once you have made up your mind to get lumineers, your first appointment is meant for preparing them to fit your mouth well. Shaving of teeth and shots are not standard procedures in this process. Your teeth remain as they are until the covers are done.
During the waiting period, the mold of the teeth, pictures and other relevant details are sent to the specialists who design lumineers. The process takes less than two weeks. Once they are ready, the next step is fitting them. It involves a lot of etching to ensure they fit snugly. Once this is established then bonding will be done.
The process is smooth to the extent that no downtime or pain is present. The process does not interfere with the normal structure of your teeth in any way. The only change at the end is that the teeth will be covered.
Indications for Lumineers Include: 
-Fixing gaps.
-Yellowing of teeth
-Repairing cracks
-Improving the outlook of the teeth