Dentist near Eagle Point OR Help Patients Relax During their Service

The Happiest Shot on the market! We use a computer controlled anesthetic delivery system, The Comfort Control Syringe. The Comfort Control Syringe uses a computer to control the flow and volume of anesthetic, allowing a slow delivery often below the pain threshold. The system is designed to place a drop of anesthetic as the needle is inserted to prepare an anesthetic pathway.
With the new injection techniques and the new anesthetics available we are often able to numb only the actual teeth we are working on, rather than a larger section of the lips or face. This often eliminates residual numbness, drooping lips, and the difficulty of resuming normal activities for hours after the appointment. This often makes it possible to schedule dental procedures without canceling the rest of your day’s responsibilities and activities.
Many patients love the Comfort Control Syringe and have been able to relax when they need to have a tooth numbed. We love to hear them say "I'm not afraid of the shot anymore". We are happy to offer our patients another option to reduce their anxiety and apprehension about coming to the dentist and keeping their teeth healthy and beautiful.
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